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Urophilia, also called “golden showers” or “watersports, ” is really a variation that is sexual individuals derive pleasure from urine or urination. 1 The arousal is connected with smelling, feeling, or urine that is tsinceting as well as urinating on some body or being urinated on by somebody else. Often, the pleasure derives from the real urine (i.e., the heat and also the odor). In other cases the person associates the urination and urine with closeness, closeness, and trust. Urination can play a task in sadomasochistic tasks, where in fact the sadist will show dominance by urinating from the masochist. Some ladies realize that their sexual climaxes tend to be more intense and enjoyable if they have complete bladder, or when they urinate during orgasm. 2

Individuals who indulge in urophilia are known as urophiliacs. Although urophilia encompasses a number of habits and intimate techniques involving urine, scientists have actually identified three main functions of urine for urophiliacs: