Me 28 F with my earliest friend 32 M: i am unsure this relationship is healthier anymore.

Ben and I also came across on line over 10 years ago, through a friend that is mutual. At first, things were flirtatious in some places (as young teens could be), and we also played in the concept of a cross country relationship|distance that is long a few over time, but things have not gotten « serious ». On the period of this relationship, we now have talked more than n’t, and typically for a basis that is daily. For as long as i’ve understood him, he’s experienced crippling despair, sleeplessness and social anxiety; due to this, plus the proven fact that he lives an additional nation, i’ve never met him.

Here is the 12 months that i am going to have understood Ben for lots more time than We haven’t. We have been through lots, both together as well as in our split life. He could be (may seem like) a fixture that is permanent, that is a bittersweet belief that I’m certain anyone who was the close (read: just) confidant together with his mental status can realize. Often times, this relationship is extraordinarily draining, feel he has got grown to « need » inside the life. I can to encourage him to seek professional help, he refuses and I’m not exactly sure why although I have done what. I sincerely concern yourself with where/how he will be if n’t around.

As you would expect, emotions are suffering from towards me personally, however they are perhaps perhaps not shared. I have made this clear on numerous occasions. I’ve had a few serious and relationships that are long-term this course of our relationship, along with the exclusion for the start of your relationship We have perhaps not seen Ben much more than.