Buddy jumps in to the intercourse away from nowhere – Post Traumatic Stress condition

Post Traumatic Stress Condition

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a condition that may develop after someone has experienced, witnessed or been repeatedly exposed to a trauma that is major.

What sort of upheaval contributes to PTSD?

  1. Real or dageath that is threatenede.g sex in college. Witnessing a murder, an earthquake, a severe car crash, war)
  2. Serious damage ( ag e.g. Considerable hospitalizations, serious burns off)
  3. Sexual Violence ( ag e.g. Intimate attack, rape)

2. Publicity are:

  1. Straight that great occasion
  2. Witnessing the function in individual because it occurs to other people ( e.g. Witnessing a kidnapping)
  3. Learning so it happened to a close member of the family or good friend (if actual or threatened death will need to have been violent or accidental: e.g. Seeing a buddy die in an auto accident)
  4. Experiencing repeated or extreme contact with aversive information on the function ( e.g. Cops over over and over over and over repeatedly confronted with violent murder victims)

Does trauma constantly result in PTSD?